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Access nubuilder on other local computers?

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Access nubuilder on other local computers?

Unread post by orangezero »

Sorry, this has to be an annoyingly basic question. I am able to successfully access nubuilder via the pc which runs the server at:

but I don't seem to be able to ever access xampp or nubuilder via another computer locally on the same router. I thought the correct way was to use the local address of the server computer, which is the bottom at this point.

My understanding is port forwarding is to access nubuilder outside my local network. For security reasons, I don't really want that. I just want to access it locally or the two or three computers on the local network.

Currently, xampp and nubuilder are running on a windows 10 machine.

Even if someone let me know if this was a router issue or a text file I need to edit, or both?

Thank you for the help.
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Re: Access nubuilder on other local computers?

Unread post by gerese »

1. Temporarily disable the firewall on the computer, so that you can access port 80 (for http) or 443 (for https), if it works, add a permanent rule in the firewall for one of the above ports.
2. configure apache from xampp (httpd.conf) to accept local network connections.

https://dev.to/mmj/sharing-local-server ... xampp-3h83
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