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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Jun_2022_19

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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Jun_2022_19

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[Added] Subform filtering
[Added] Vanilla JS Datepicker
[Added] Form style: Add css styles for a form
[Added] PHP nuOnProcessObjects(): Set object default value, change properties
[Added] Slovak language
[Added] Language: Afrikaans
[Added] nuconfig: $nuConfigDBOptions
[Added] Select next/previous tab with ctrl+shift+arrow left/right
[Added] CSV Transfer: Option to Delete File after Import
[Added] Subform: onSubformTitleClick()
[Added] Use ESC-key to cancel search in browse window
[Added] Hash Cookie: USER_CODE
[Added] JS nuSetStorageItem(), nuGetStorageItem()
[Added] JS nuUserCode()
[Added] JS nuGetText(), nuSetText()
[Added] JS nuOnBeforeResize(), nuOnResize()
[Added] JS nuSubformRefreshDisplayObject()
[Added] JS nuSubformTitleArray()
[Added] nuTinyMCEOnInit() callback
[Added] Form Info: Permalink
[Added] Form Info: Show Current Properties (CTRL+SHIFT+Y)

[Updated] Font Awesome to 6.1.1
[Updated] ApexCharts to v3.35.0
[Updated] ctxMenu to v1.4.4

[Improved] PHP nuGetIPAddress()
[Improved] TinyMCE: pass custom options
[Improved] nuMessage window: header draggable

[Changed] nubuilder4.css: Use CSS root variables
[Changed] Print will now exclude columns with zero width
[Changed] Subform: Store null instead of empty string for new rows
[Changed] Disable search field while search is in progress
[Changed] Option Menu: Form info shortcut (ctrl-shift-m)

[Fixed] Add IF EXISTS when dropping temp table
[Fixed] Sessions: Search brings up no results
[Fixed] nuBeforeDelete()
[Fixed] Subform: Arrange objects
[Fixed] Sessions Browse: Eliminate globeadmin duplicates
[Fixed] nuSetLabelText(): Maintain label position
[Fixed] Do not run BE for Browse forms

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