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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Jul_2022_23

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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Jul_2022_23

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[Fixed/Improved/Optimised] Hundreds of optimisations, Code refactoring and speed improvements as suggested by https://deepsource.io/, https://deepscan.io/, https://lgtm.com/

[Added] Setup -> Settings
[Added] uppy File Uploader
[Added] Tiny File Manager
[Added] jQuery-confirm: Alerts, confirms and dialogs in one.
[Added] "compact" view for globeadmin home
[Added] Mobile device-friendly view (option)
[Added] Run a Procedure after Updating
[Added] PHP nuSetProperty(), nuGetProperty

[Changed] Mobile View - Browse Icons
[Changed] nuconfig.php -> nuconfig-sample.php

[Improved] Show Command key shortcuts for Macintosh
[Improved] phpMyAdmin security
[Improved] Form Info
[Improved] nuMobileView(), nuPortraitScreen(), overall mobile view experience
[Improved] Browse for smaller screen

[Updated] Bump ctxMenu to v1.5.0
[Updated] Bump phpMyAdmin to 5.3.0 snapshot

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