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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Sep_2022_17

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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Sep_2022_17

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[Added] Danish translation
[Added] JS nuAfterDelete() event
[Added] JS nuAfterDeleteGlobal()
[Added] JS nuAfterSaveGlobal()
[Added] JS nuFormatValueClearedGlobal()
[Added] JS nuGetLookupId(): optional setEdited argument
[Added] JS nuLoadBrowseGlobal(), nuLoadEditGlobal()
[Added] JS nuSetBrowseNoDataMessage(), nuSetBrowseNoSearchResultsMessage()
[Added] JS: nuDelay()
[Added] Setup: nuCalendarType Setting
[Added] User: Accessibility Features option (not open source)
[Added] JS nuFormatValueCleared()

[Changed] Browse: "No data to display", "No search results found"
[Changed] nuSELECT() don't replace empty string with
[Changed] uppy: Removed .map reference

[Fixed] Browse: Record navigator Next/Prev would go to 0/1
[Fixed] Form Info: Add space after Record Id
[Fixed] Lookup error if the value is returned as integer
[Fixed] Lookup label: Make visible for screen readers
[Fixed] Lookup: Popup didn't open when cleared
[Fixed] nuFormObject: handle year part undefined
[Fixed] nuSELECT(): Option not selected if integer value
[Fixed] PHP nuSubFormsEdited() regression error
[Fixed] SQL Builder: "Headers already sent" error
[Fixed] Subform: Arrange Objects, Move up, down
[Fixed] Uppy: Return after upload in nuapi.php

[Improved] JS: nuTranslate(): Pass an array
[Improved] Vanilla JS Datepicker
[Improved] VanillaJs: Add Translation
[Optimised] nuSELECT()

[Removed] libs/quill folder
[Removed] Quill WYSIWYG

[Updated] Bump Ace to v1.5.0
[Updated] Bump Font Awesome to v6.1.2
[Updated] Bump jQuery to v.3.6.1
[Updated] Bump phpMailer to v6.6

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