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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Jan_2023_22

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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Jan_2023_22

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[Changed] Do not increment nuTimesSaved for Launch Forms
[Changed] nuhomecompact is default
[Changed] Renamed nuAddJavascript() to nuAddJavaScript()
[Changed] Saving: Set NULL when empty for some types

[Improved] Uppy nuUploadFile()

[Added] SSO integration for nuBuilder
[Added] nuSendEmail(): smtp_options parameter
[Added] JS event nuOnPopupOpenedGlobal()
[Added] PHP nuCanCreateView(), nuViewExists()
[Added] PHP nuCreateViewsOrTables()

[Updated] Bump jQuery to v.3.6.3
[Updated] Bump TCPDF to 6.6.2
[Updated] Bump TinyMCE to v..6.3.0
[Updated] Translations

[Fixed] PHP 8.x. compatibility issues
[Fixed] Fast Form: Subform objects not created
[Fixed] Logout with Shortcut ctrl+shift+L
[Fixed] nuBrowseAdditionalNavButtons()
[Fixed] nuPreventButtonDblClick();
[Fixed] Report Access
[Fixed] Report Layout
[Fixed] Report: Group Properties scroll through fields
[Fixed] Select2: Focus search field
[Fixed] Uppy: Set meta after a file has been added
[Fixed] Vanilla JS Datepicker: Date not saved

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