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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Sep_2023_13

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[Release] nuBuilder-4.5_Sep_2023_13

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[Updated] Bump TCPDF to v6.6.5
[Updated] Bump jQuery to v3.7.1
[Updated] Bump Uppy to 3.15.0
[Updated] Bump TinyMCE to v6.7.0
[Updated] Translations

[Added] PHP nuStrPos()
[Added] User: Welcome email, change password
[Added] JS nuOnDisableGlobal event
[Added] PHP nuRunProcedure()

[Changed] Disable onclick for readonly buttons
[Changed] Browse: Force columns resize on refresh
[Changed] CSS: Disable hover for .nuReadonly
[Changed] Mandatory fields: Show Asterisk

[Fixed] TinyMCE: Make ctrl+shift+S work while editor focused
[Fixed] PHP 8.x error when logging in as user. Use nuStrPos()

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